Dating 101




Is it possible to ask which is better; Dating or Courtship?

Dating is just like friendship and helps you to know more about your partner. It is a romantic relationship to learn to love your partner more and more before marriage. It is also the next step after friendship and the step before courtship. Dating is common these days among the youth and easily become estranged.

Courtship is where the parties involved declare their intentions to each other and their family and have decided to get married.

Is it easy to part company when dating than when courting?

Yes. Because, some of us especially the youth date mostly for pleasure.

Since dating and courtship are steps towards getting married, is it possible to court without dating?


There was an interrogation of newlyweds who decided to test how well they knew each other on a television station and it was revealed that the couple were friends throughout their basic school education and lost contact in high school. They chanced on each other after their tertiary education and suddenly decided to go to the Alter. The lady accepted the man’s proposal after all, she liked him and they are now successful.

I’m not cognizant of any text marked in the bible that impels individuals to court before getting married but with our attitudes these days, it’s just advisable to do so and we all concur.

When dating, you will either be happy or hurt. If you are the jealous type, you will always get hurt because you can’t have your partner to yourself alone. The only option is to trust your partner and the love he or she has for you. You need to be strong and remind yourself of the good and memorable moments you shared together. Trust me, it works like magic.



  1. Well said but we the youth of this days dont really know the difference between dating and courtship. I thiNK we take dating too serious like is marriage which shouldn’t be so. Dating is just getting to know each other well and trying to get familiar with each other.

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  2. Courtship is deeper. Way different from dating. Dating is just to meet, to know each other, those simple things about each other. To be familiar with each other. But courtship on the other hand is deeper than that. Courtship is the stage that precedes marriage, it’s where every necessary preparation is made. In this stage you will take each others lives serious. You will know and care about every bit of each others life. It’s deep my people. I will make it my next publish. We need to know what courtship is really. Thanks for this great post.

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