The state of being connected is the common and easiest definition of relationship on the internet. I believe that, right from the very beginning of life, when God created Adam and Eve, He established relationships. Relationship with man, Relationship among plants, animals, human beings, the earth and its surroundings. At school, we were also thought how everything in the world is linked to each other and how each of them are meant to support each other without which, the processes of life will be affected.

What I have come to realize is that, “no man is an island”. No matter how perfect and comfortable you are, you need someone in one way or the other.

From the very beginning, when God created us in his image and likeness and seemingly different from each other, there is no way we will have a perfect relationship amongst ourselves. Even God the Father knows that.

This blog seeks to share real life experiences of individuals who have been in various relationships just to serve as a motivation or an inspiration when it comes to relationships. The various categories are, Friendship, Family, Dating, Marriage, Long distance relationship, sex and sex education.

The authenticity of the information here is that it is based on real life experience.

It promises to be very interesting and educative.


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