Secrets to a long lasting relationship (relationship point)

My longest relationship lasted for only 2 years. I know some people have been in it for more than 5 and 10 years. That’s great but it doesn’t really make sense to be in a relationship for that long without getting married. 

If you want to be together forever then make it official because you may be tempted to do that which you aren’t supposed to do. Besides, some are tempted to do that which they aren’t supposed to be doing even at the earliest time of the relationship how much more 5 to 10 to 15 years.

A Long lasting relationship I believe is a healthy relationship which gradually leads to marriage and still glows. 

How can you achieve this?

We all desire to be in a lovely, peaceful and a long lasting relationship. Whatever state or condition our relationships are now, being it good or bad, we make ourselves believe that it is normal. It isn’t normal my dear. 

If your friend is happily married, do not be jealous of him or her because you can also achieve that.

Start with God being the center of relationship.

* You can decide to pray together

* Share your quiet time 

* Study the bible together

* Set spiritual goals for each other

The most important thing you both need to do is to love each other and see each other as the best. 
If you see your partner as the most handsome or beautiful you have ever met on earth, there’d be no chance of getting destructed  because you only have eyes for each other.

Also, ensure that all the memories you have or all your thoughts should be the most romantic and beautiful moments you shared together. 

Instead of worrying about how he or she nags all the time, admire those times you express love to each other.

Thanks for reading.



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